I wanted to write thank you for your great customer service. I was able to get the information I needed and the products I wanted for a good price. I could ask for more.”

Laura Miller of Hillsboro, OR


I wanted to write and report that I have been very satisfied with the Network Marketing Coaching I’ve received. Judith, you have been a true mentor to me.

Your work as a Business Coach or for any NetworkMmarketing Business is the best support I have ever received, even though I am not with the ILD Global organization.

I just want to say thank you so much for your superb training. Anyone who is not getting the results he or she wants, even with a supportive upline, needs to take advantage of your your tutorship!

Terrance Norton of Boise, Idaho

Terrance also writes: As a businessman and writer, as well as someone whose known her from childhood, I give this additional endorsement of Judith Sherman. “With her infinate love for mankind, she will do and say what she feels is right. I can say with confidence that Judy has tough skin, and yet she has a wonderfully soft heart with compassion oozing out of her towards mankind.”

Known to be cheerful when facing trials, Judy looks at adversity and laughs about how she deals with it. For sure, she knows what peace in the middle of chaos means. She doesn’t just talk it, she lives it. She writes about this topic in books and Internet postings because that is her heart, a mentor to help people in times that seem to have no end. So why would she laugh when most of us will go the ways of our character weaknesses? She laughs because she chooses to focus on the postitive and not the negative. “


I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the work you are doing with my site. It is very professional and done well. I am happy to work with you.

Barry Carlos of California

Here are some of the earlier comments Barry sent to me in emails as we built his websites for OnticViews.com, BarryMCarlos.wordpress.com and JeffreyMicheli.wordpress.com.


To begin with, I just want to set up a simple way for people to become aware of the book.  I really like what you have done for yourself so I will put this project into your hands and what you think will work best at the start.
Again, I must thank you for all your creative expertise… The website is looking so good.  Darlene looked at it this evening and commented on how colorful and beautiful it looks.  Like I said… Judy, you are amazing!
Good Morning Judy;
You did a masterful job on getting all the  “Buy” items placed and working…  Looks just super!!!!!
Judy… I am so grateful to you, you are really a wonderful person.
5/09/09That’s right… 7649 hits on Thursday.   You have really done a fine job Judy

Others said these kind words:

Diane said, “JuLynne provides consulting services for home, business, and web. She has a blend of compassion and boldness in her writing” that I appreciate.

Doyle said, “You have the amazing power to mirror life in general.”

Carol said, “You’re the only person I’ve found in my entire life who truly understands where I’m coming from.”

Anne said, “I was able to put things to rest because of what I read in your book.”


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