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I just completed a twelve week course with Dale Carnegie. Not only is it worth three college credits, but it adds value to my business goals as well. I highly recommend you take this course when you have the opportunity.

Not one person in our group realized the impact this course would have on them and their profession. We each had different reasons for taking the course, and yet the experience turned out to be much more rewarding than we had expected.

Because I’ve been in Network Marketing for over thirty years, and because I’ve attended all the seminars and read all the books (including “How to Win Friends and Influence People”), I expected to learn very little from the course. All I wanted was to add the Dale Carnegie Training Course to my portfolio for credibility reasons. Instead, what I got was smoothed out rough edges of my character and the skills I already had developed into better communication and more confidence in my ability and expertise.

The Dale Carnegie Training is designed to be personal in application. As a result, personal examination caused a huge change in my thinking and attitude. I now have more confidence in teaching what I know, more understanding of how people think, and how to be more direct in my presentations. With this increased confidence, I am starting up my own Training Center to help people in the following areas:

  • Develop leadership skills and become a more effective leader
  • Become a more persuasive communicator
  • Reduce stress at home and work
  • Improve problem solving skills at work and home
  • Develop techniques to find a job by presenting ones self in a better light
  • I am also putting together workshops to help families communicate better with each other.

I will not anything scheduled at this time, but plan to begin the training in late July or early August. I will keep you informed on when I plan to do a session, the subject of the session, and where. If you would like to schedule a home session for family and friends, contact me by email and we will talk about your needs.

In the meantime, I advise you to start reading the books listed below that are most useful in the Dale Carnegie program. You can get them online or in any bookstore. You can also click on these links and see’s full page of Dale Carnegie books.

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It’s All About Me!

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Let me share with you a response I made to an email I received yesterday. It was from a man who wanted to help me promote my business on the Internet. I want to be very transparent about this because it is important information you need to know. I learned something about myself last night when I attended Dale Carnegie Training. I saw a side of me that I was not aware of, and because I was not aware of it, I see that I come off as arrogant and abrasive to people. That is not who I want to be or how I want to represent myself.

I share this information with you because I see this same characteristic that I discovered in me in others who are in this field but may not recognize it in themselves. As Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.” So please read my email response to this kind person.  Then I will tell you why I wrote this posting and why I titled it the way I did.

I appreciate your offer but I am part of Marketing Merge and Renegade University. I have applied the principles taught there and doing pretty well. Now I am chosing to take the next step in my career and become a mentor for network marketers.

I am excited about this and what I will be able to do for others with this training. I am writing updates on my blog about what I am learning from my Carnegie experience. I know what I’ve learned will help others like me. Perhaps you will check out my blogs. I will be adding one more article tonight about what I learned this evening.

I have done MLM for over thirty years. I’ve had the best teachers, read all the book suggested on the reading list, listened to every training and positive motivation tape, gone to every seminar and every business meeting, and sat with the most successful people in the field … and I not exaggerating bout any of this. I’ve succeeded and failed, picked myself up and started over again and again, which is the nature of network marketing.   

I know when a business is not within FTC regulations and will be shut down when they get noticed. I know when hype is used to cover up a sinking ship or holes in the plan. I know when someone is only interested in their success after stepping over people to get there. I know a “come-on” or an approach the minute I hear it because I learned them all and used them. I have gathered so much knowledge and experience over the years and so I have been mentoring others; I found out that I am darn good at it. So now that is what I’m doing, along with my Network Marketing business. 

However, I realize there are thousands of mentors on the Internet so what makes me different enough to get clientele? I enrolled in the Dale Carnegie Training. It cost just under $2,000 for the 12 week course. When I complete the course, I will become an instructor for them. Having the Carnegie Course under my belt will make me a better person, a better leader, a better trainer, and a better mentor. This one thing can put me a step above most of those who profess to be mentors on the Internet. and

Now you must be asking why I titled this post “It’s All About Me!”  What I learned at Carnegie is that everything I did up to that point was all about me. For the first time I realized that people saw through me and knew that my objective was centered around me. I did not see how what I contributed might be helpful to others. But I saw that clearly tonight, and that was only the second class. 

The truth is, Dale Carnegie wrote the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by teaching that you get what you want when you help people get what they want. Being sincerely interesting in the other person, listening to them and what they want, and being humble enough to accept that this is not about me. Being humble and sincere was not the way someone would describe me, and I knew that tonight.

People see through the fakes, those only interested in themselves.  I recognized that person was who I had become, even though I thought of myself as being a server. That may have been true in the past, but that is not true now. I am so grateful for what I learned tonight. I now understand a lot more about myself and how I can be a better mentor and serve people better.

I welcome your comments on this topic and if you have recognized this flaw in your own character because of this article.


Judith Sherman

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Dale Carnegie Experience Tonight

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    Judith Sherman

    I enrolled in the Dale Carnegie Training course, which cost around $1800. Although the cost is somewhat prohibitive, I felt taking the course was necessary in order to further my education in leadership and management.

    Another benefit of taking the twelve week course is that, when I finish, I will have a semester of college credits and a certificate of completion. In addition, I will also have experience not many professional Internet Business Coaches have as a resource for their consultations. With the plithera of so-called business consultants, coaches, and mentors, I will be on a higher level of expertise than the others.

    Most Network Marketers know about the book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People” written by Dale Carnegie. It is this book that Dale Carnegie used to start his training course a long time ago. Of course, the principles taught in that book are still relevant today.

    I thought you might find some of these links interesting so I have them included below.

    Dale Carnegie Training Course

    The important thing I learned tonight is that I want to change the areas in which I am weak and improve the areas I am good in but can do better. One area I want to improve is my communications skills, verbal and body language. Although I have better than average verbal skills, I need to work on making my point understood and my body language needs to be more in agreement with my words. Isn’t this the area most of us need to improve? That was one of the highlights of the night.

    Another subject we covered in detail is recognizing how our lives will be when we learn to deal with the aspects of our lives that we want to change; for example, being healthier, feeling more confident in our abilities and taking control of situations we can change. I thought about how I would like to be more skilled in public speaking and in living the kind of life that is important to me. Others though about working with co-workers better.

    Although my leadership skills are good, there is always room to improve. I enjoyed that part of the class tonight. It was taught to us in a way that we will remember, and in a way that is a positive experience. We learned about listening to each other, how to genuinely care about the person we are talking to without trying to change the subject to ourselves or intrerrupting the person when they are talking and try to insert our own thoughts. That was very difficult for some of us, but also very educational.

    If anyone is interesting in finding out more about my experierience with Dale Carnegie course, feel free to send me an email to

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    Six Network Marketing Principles

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    Network Marketing appears to be a simple business that any one can do, and it can be that way if you understand the six network marketing principles that help you succeed in business. Let us discuss these principles one at a time.

    Principle number 1: Do it naturally. Anytime you try to force something before it’s natural term, you risk failure. For example, your goal is to reach a specific level by a certain date. In order to do that, though, you have to buy several cases of a product to meet the qualifiations for that level. The problem with this practice is that now you and your downline have products on hand so they have no reason to make an order the following month. Since bonus levels are based on monthly volume, and since no new volume will be moving in the next month because everyone bought up to reach a bonus level the month before, the business takes a nose dive. The business volume of your downline takes a nose dive as well. Since people are not making a bonus check, it doesn’t take them long to figure out that the only way to make money is to create situations that induce downline to sale unnaturally. 

    Principle number 2: Be the tortoise and not the hare. That means doing things every day, day after day, that builds your business. In contrast, the hare runs full out and then tires.  So he sits down to rest and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he goes full out again until he tires and rests again. When he finally reaches the goal, he discovers the tortoise had already beat him there. How did the tortoise win the race? He did it by going a steady pace until he reached the goal. So this story begs the question, “Are you the tortoise or the hare?

    Principle number 3: It’s not the followers, those who want to be like everybody else, who reach the top of the ladder to success. The ones who succeed in life and business are the independent-minded who do what they say they will do. These independent thinkers are also the ones who work behind the scenes by busily helping people.

    Principle number 4: Keep in mind that success is not about what you want or about your agenda. It is about paying attention to what people need and want and then helping them reach their goals. When you help people get what they want, the law of the harvest rewards you by ten-fold. People who are mainly interested in what they want only succeed by stepping on, stepping over, or stepping around people to get what they want.

    Principle number 5: Go against the nature of Network Marketing. The nature of Network Marketing is being focused on showing the opportunity to as many people as you can, sponsoring as many people as you can, and getting as many people as you can to a meeting. When “YOU” or “ME” or “I” are the common words used in a statement, then it is a indicator that the focus is on you and not the prospect, client or customer. Of course, that’s fine if that’s the way you want to build your business. There are plenty of successful people who practice this principle.

    Principle number 6: When you give people what they want then you get what you want. The principle of helping people get what they need or want used to be the staple for business success. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case any more. Have you read the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie?  The message is clear that you get what you want when you give people what they want. Use this link to get the seven page PDF that outlines the success principles I teach from this book. It’s free, just click here

    There are numerous consultants, business coaches, and supposed gurus on the Internet Highway, who specialize iNetwork Marketing and are anxious to advise you. Nevertheless, it will not take you long to realize that I am not like most of these advisers. I am the “one in a million” who actually cares about your success more than I care about my own.

    I am an experienced Network Marketer. I’ve seen my share of opportunity offers, and made some mistakes as well. However, my mistakes taught me how to think for myself. For example, I do not follow the pack when I see they are going the wrong direction. That’s why I know that I can direct you in the right direction.

    Now take five minutes to view this video about Network Marketing Principles. 

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