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I have been an entrepreneur since 1977, when I was first introduced to Network Marketing .

It is the spirit of entrepreneurship, in providing products and services that people need and want, that grows the economy of countries in which we live.

It is this same spirit that gives you and me opportunities to do the same for people now. This spirit is alive today, but not well; although it is becoming healthier as people lose faith in the system.

People understand the need to provide for their families and the future. They also understand that it is up to them to provide what they need. They learned that it takes dreams, vision, and hope, along with perserverance and hard work, to make things better for themselves and their families.

If you are a person who wants to give people what they need and want, and you have something to offer them, then this site is the place you need to be. In which case, you need access to the associations that I work with for assistance in fulfilling your aspirations. As I have learned in my own dealings, it helps to have personal interaction with someone who is not associated with your business and has nothing to gain by what he or she advises.

In the world of business, it is easy to be overwhelmed by negativity and worry. In that environment, it can be difficult to see what you need to do next. This can be especially true when emotions and passions are part of the equation. Sound decisions only happen when the emotions are put aside and the situation is viewed from outside one’s self and what one wants or needs.

It’s a real advantage to have a personal coach who understands what you want to accomplish with your business. However, you need someone who has an understanding of your vision, has a working knowledge of success principles, and is bold enough to hold your entrepreneur feet to the fire .

Entrepreneurs are great visionists, and they dream of things most people wouldn’t dare to dream. However, these same strengths can be a detriment when they live in the clouds too much. They need someone who understands their vision and dreams but who can bring them out of the clouds and get their feet back on the ground long enough to get essential work done. This is exactly what I do best.

If you can see the benefits of having a personal coach who espouses these principles, then let me work with you. I give free consulting for the first five sessions. If we need more time, then we will work out payment that works for both of us.

Click on this link to fill out the contact form, which also serves as an application. The information you provide is voluntary, and will help me understand what you need and the direction in which I need to guide you.



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