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Can You Sell In These Economic Times

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The question “Can I Sell In These Economic Times?” is on the minds of most businesses and Network Marketers. The answer is “YES”! You just need to be more creative and flexible than your competitors or more than you may have been in the past.

Yes, you have to be realistic about the times we live in now. However, people will always find a way to buy and sale things during hard times. It’s just a matter of applying principles that will improve your marketability.

I listed some suggestions below in bullets that you can do to improve your sales in difficult economic times. 

  • As you are a consumer of products and services yourself, what do you look for from a merchant with whom you do business?
    • You want good service when you go to make a purchase.
    • You want good products that you can afford. 
    • You want a pleasant attitude from the service/sales person who helps you.
    • You want to make a purchase with as little hassle as possible.
    • You want discounts and special offers as incentives for doing business with that merchant.
    • You want to know the benefits of buying from one merchant over buying from another.
    • You want to be treated special, which builds loyalty.
    • You want to make the choice to buy and not be pushed into it with a hard sale.
    • You want to know that the merchant is solid and will be in business tomorrow, should you need to return something or require his/her service later. For example, when I sold Avon, I had to earn the trust of my potential buyers. I needed to convince them that I was committed to being there for a long time. They had gone through many Avon distributors in the past who took their orders but never delivered; they had quit the business. Once they saw me come by every campaign with a book and I made a phone call to them three days later for the order, and once they saw that I always delivered what they ordered, the orders began to come in regularly.
    • You want a guarantee that, if something goes wrong with your purchase, the merchant will stand behind the sale.
  • You change your perspective and the way you look at the situation.
    • You have to believe in yourself and try to make a difference in people lives.
    • You cannot be focused on the amount of sales you make, either you do or you don’t make your quota. Pushing a person to buy will not get you what you want in the end. 
    • You can’t be thinking about your bottom line every time you talk to people or they will pick up on it and not buy from you.
    • You need to talk to people on a personal basis, meaning you listen to them and then try to give them what they want and not what you want.
  • You associate with positive people, even if they are not making sales at the moment.
    • This does not mean that you try to compete with them or become frustrated when they make more sales than you.
    • Associate with people who think like you. They will help keep your mind in an “I can do” attitude instead of “I can’t do it”.
    • Stimulate your brain with good works: television programs that nourish your mind, books that leave you with good feelings, and good, postive music that lifts your soul and excites your spirit or that calms you down so you can rest.
  • Learn how to handle stress so you do not become overbearing and demanding with people.
  • Get enough rest AND sleep so your body is able to function properly and think clearly.
  • Keep your life orderly at home and work so disorganization does not put undue stress on you and the business.
  • Keep your body healthy so you function on optimum energy and think clearly and rationally.
    • Establish a regular exercise routine to work off stress and boast your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which gives you a feeling of well-being. Serotonin and dopamine supplements are used to treat depression but the body produces them naturally when you exercise. That’s why you feel good after a work out, even though your body may be  a little sore. 
    • Take good vitamin supplements that promote good health.
    • Educate yourself on eating a balanced diet, on developing a proper exercise routine, and on the correct supplements to take.
    • Take your perscribed medications regularly. Becoming a work-aholic often causes forgetfulness in taking medication. . . that’s not very smart!
  • Let go, let God. This is probably one of the hardest things to do when so much rides on our ability to make sales.
    • We don’t have to carry our burdens alone.
    • Hard economic times is when we need to turn to God the most, but people don’t want to because they have forgotten Him in times of plenty. But He wants you to trust Him, to Depend on Him, to let Him guide your life. Let Him help you carry your burdens.
    • People seem to be embarrassed when they finally accept that they need to let go and let God help them. It’s okay, so what if you are embarrassed. Who should care about it any way, you, the one who needs the help or the business partners?
    • Believe it or not, letting go and letting God is a success principle that you cannot ignore if you want to succeed in life and business.
    • Many, many times I have received answers to my problems because I was tuned in to the spirit of God. His guidance has helped me figure out computer problems, web problems, personal problems, people problems, and problems with how to sell. You can have the same type of assistance, just ask for it.

I conclusion, don’t worry about what you cannot change, influence, or affect. All you can do is your best and then turn the rest over to God. It takes the pressure off from you and the stress that comes with it. I am telling you what I have learned. You can take it or leave it, but there is wisdom in this advice. When you’ve done all you can and you’ve done your best, what is left? You can worry and stress out, you can put pressure on everyone around you, or you can give it up and let God step in. Just remember that I know this is the answer. I know because I’ve taken years to figure it out so I know it works. It’s your choice.

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