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Network Marketing has always been a profitable way to market a product because it uses word of mouth to promote a product line.  Incentives to work hard in selling products and to become a personal user is accomplished by a Distributor Marketing Plan.

Most popular Marketing Plans include three to five levels or variations of a binary plan (where a distributor works two or more direct legs as independent businesses).  Often new recruitments in the individual legs of a binary system (or variations) are placed under other distributors to build up a leg; however, the person with whom the recruit is placed under may not have had any part in the recruiting of him or her.

  • Bonuses go to the sponsor that the person is placed under with the idea that total volume will increase and so will everyone’s bonus increased.
  • This is NOT usually true when the new recruitment you brought is placed under someone above you.
  • The bonus goes up and not down.  For example, Sandy gets Connie to a meeting and tells her about the products and the marketing plan.  When Connie signs up, she is placed under Chris. The person who got $1700 checks was Chris, who did absolutely nothing in sponsoring Connie, and Sandy gets a $300 check on Connie’s volume.  This is the negative side of binary systems.

With every Network Marketing Plan I’ve seen or been a part of,  except for Amway, the upper level tiers make a bundle of money off the downline.  Many of those at the very top do not use the same Marketing Plan as the downline because they came in on the ground floor or more likely, they bought into a position.  This means their profits are based on the entire business and does not stop at levels or sponsorship.

Some Marketing Plans, such as Amway, are the most profitable for a distributors when it pays on total volume (on all levels) of the business. Some plans pay a different percentage on total volume from a distributorship when it qualify at higher levels than their sponsor’s.  For example, what separates Amway from other Marketing Plans is a distributorship can reach the top level (i.e., $7500 total volume) and break away to become it’s own business but the sponsor will still receive a percentage of that distributorship’s total volume (even a Diamond’s level or whatever level).

I am not trying to praise Amway as being the best Marketing Plan (even if I do believe that’s true), neither am I a distributor.  I use Amway only to show differences in the old standard of Multi-Level Marketing to other Network Marketing Plans being used today.

Is It A Pyramid?

What makes a Marketing Plan a pyramid is the inability of downline to recruit and make the same income as upline.  In other words, they’ll never make their money back on salespeople because there’s no one left to recruit!  Their opportunity to recruit ends.

I remember when Amway was investigated around the late 1970’s for an illegal pyramid and was found “Not Guilty”.   From that investigation, I learned how to quickly spot an illegal pyramid.

When the market is saturated with new distributors who are in the same pool as others trying to recruit.  For example, those who got into a business early are at the top of the pyramid and they’ve already made their money on the hundreds of new recruits.  Yet now, all new distributors have to compete with hundreds of distributors for the same small pool of potential recruits. The odds of a new recruit making his/her money back are worse than playing roulette in Vegas (source Taylor).

Most Network Marketing Companies are reputable and have an honest record after they have been in business for several years.  It’s when someone approaches you with a “ground floor opportunity” and says you can make a lot of money within a short period of time, it should send you packing in the opposite direction — unless you are an unscrupulous opportunist.

If you want to use and abuse your friends and associates to make money off their trust or ignorance, then you will do just that in spite of what I say.  There will always be people such as these so you must be leery of them.  You will easily find them in the entrepreneur world so you would be wise to stay far away from them.  You will lose your own reputation by being associated with them and you may never again earn trust from those you know.

My recommendations are as follows:

  • Take your time before jumping into a new “ground floor” business.
  • Test the integrity of those upline from you.
  • Evaluate how committed top upline are in teaching and practicing sound business principles.
  • Listen to what they teach and consider if it makes sense to you or if it seems more like a bunch of hype to get you signed up quickly.
  • Realize that “group meetings” are useful in getting you around other associates, and helpful in you evaluating the upline.
  • However, keep in mind that group meetings are also useful in getting you caught up in the enthusiasm of new recruits and people who are signing up at the meeting.  These activities often get you to step in without much time to test the business and upline.
  • If they are in a hurry to get you signed up, then that should cause you to be cautious.
  • Don’t be afraid to immediately walk away when something seems wrong or too hard to believe; which means you must drive yourself to the meeting versus meeting in your home or at a group meeting so you can leave when you want.
  • Be sure to ask a lot of questions to see how the perspective sponsor and/or upline responds.

If you have questions, feel free to send me an email with your questions.

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Whose Business Is It?

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Be Responsible For Your Business

A mistake I made was leaving the success of my business in the hands of my upline. I respected him, and his level of success was impressive. My husband did not support my efforts in the business at the time, so there was no male role model for the men who were interested in joining my business.

At first, I thought that men did not respect me leading them because I was a women. I realized later, that men respect an effective leader and being a woman had nothing to do with it.

My own insecurities made it difficult for me to act like a leader for my downline, so I left that role up to my sponsor. That decision was a big mistake. My sponsor made the mistake of not edifying me to my downline. People need to know that the upline sponsor respects them and supports their commitment. Without edification from upline, the downline will not edify their sponsor to their downline either.

My sponsor set up meetings with my downline without telling me about the appointments and without including me in the meeting. Before the meeting started, I should have been introduced as the upline officiating the meeting and then I would have introduced my upline as the guest speaker.

Let me repeat these points again because people need to understand why this practice is detrimental to their businesses.

  • *I said that my upline did not edify me to my downline. Edifying me means my upline did not praise me to my downline or tell them that I am qualified to work with them. Neither did he assure them that I am committed to their successes.
  • *I said that he set up meetings with my downline without including me. What does this tell my downline? It tells them that he is the “big shot” and that he is the one they need to duplicate not me. Since I was duplicating my upline,  in every word and deed, there should be no reason to imply by his actions that they should duplicate him rather than me. He saw my business as an extention of his instead of it being mine and so I made the same assumption.
  • *I said that he set up meetings with my downline without me knowing about them. Do you see the problem with this situation? If I am truly a leader, then I should be at each meeting with downline and my upline should be there to support me as my guest.

Whose Business Is It?

As these actions tell my downline and ME that I am not a leader that they can depend on and duplicate, I lose control of my business and my own destiny. Whose success or failure is it? Is it my upline’s or mine? I appreciate the help and support of a motivated upline, but I do not appreciate that this situation ended up being the downfall of my business.

The most important thing you can learn from my mistake is that ultimately, you are the one who has to be the leader in your business and the one responsible for its success or failure.

Leaders need to be teachable and duplicate their upline. This means leaders explain their plans to the upline and tell them what support they need from their upline.

Your upline is the most valuable asset you have, so DO NOT alienate them by being difficult and hard-headed; and NEVER embarrass them.

You must always do what you say you will do. If your upline cannot trust your word, neither can your downline. If your upline starts to believe you are full of hot air and not really teachable or committed, you will lose the support of your upline. That would not be a wise business move!

Is It Excuses or Is It Really Overload?

Upline in network marketing often put a lot of pressure on downline to perform, especially when someone stops producing or begins to give excuses. When a person seems uncommitted or confused about what he or she wants, an upline will often stop working with him or her because it isn’t worth the time. It’s just “The Nature of the Beast” for most Network Marketers.

When an upline is motivated and moving forward, he/she mainly works with leaders that show commitment to their businesses. Those who are not committed are not worth spending much time with until they start seeing circles on the ceiling and becoming motivated as well. It won’t take long at that point to get the attention of upline.

It’s unfortunate, but many upline do not take the time to understand why people stop producing. In fact, they view excuses as a sign of non-commitment or laziness. Let’s talk about why someone may stop producing in a Network Marketing business.

  • *They do not have the same work ethics as others in their upline.
  • *They do not have a reason to do the work. In other words, they have no “WOW”.
  • *They need more personal time to work on their fears with an upline who understands them.
  • *They see holes in the plan or they do not understand the plan well enough to teach and duplicate.
  • *They have heard negativity from family and friends and now have doubts that they can or should do the business.
  • *They have big egos and think success should happen quickly, and so they won’t wait for success and give up.
  • *They focus on what they want instead of on what their prospects want and then help them at that level.
  • *They made mistakes and so they are too embarrassed to go forward.
  • *They do not believe they can be successful.
  • *Lack of money to support their businesses, limiting their ability to work the business effectively.
  • *They have run out of names on their list.
  • *They lose the vision of why they started the business in the first place.
  • *They won’t accept trainning and try to go off on their own too soon. They learn just enough to be dangerous.

If you have questions, feel free to send me an email. to  I will be happy to answer your questions.

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Suggestions for Gathering Leads

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Suggestions For Gathering Leads

Aside from using the benefits of Renegade University in getting leads through Attraction Marketing, what method can be most beneficial in gathering leads?

I am a guide with Renegade University. I value this fantastic program because it has helped me in numerous ways. If you click on the link, you can read my bio about the whole Marketing Merge program. Then, if it interests you, click on the link at the bottom of that page. It will take you to a form where you can visit and enroll in the Renegade University.

Gathering Leads

You can gather leads the “Old Fashion Way” by Cold Contacting people. This means you meet people that you did not know before and start up a conversation with them. You need to go to places where people gather (at the Mall, the park, church, social gatherings, grocery stores, car repair places) and begin a conversation with them. The conversation should cover the F.O.R.M. questions.

F.O.R.M. is talking about their

F family

O occupation/job

R recreation/travel, do they have places they want to go and boats or RV’s they want to buy

M message that you can help them with the concerns and desires they’ve mentioned


People don’t want to be sold but they do want to buy. They will buy what you want them to when you allow them to sell themselves. They will buy your marketing plan or products when they see the value in it for themselves, how it will improve their lives, and how they can do it. In other words, it’s their idea to join your organization or to buy your products or service.

THE NEW WAY, THE SMARTER WAY WILL BE TO ATTRACT PEOPLE THAT WANT WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER. They have already made the decision to look or they would not have found you on the Internet. Your job is to convince them to look at your offer. You do that with a good Contact Page that allows them to get the gist of what you are doing and how they benefit. They will then fill out the form for you to contact them.

Do you see the value in contacting people the second way? People are already looking for you, they already want to buy, and all they need is a reason to contact you and not someone else. Your job is to give them that reason.

The second suggestion is a much better way to contact people. The old way is really nothing short of solicitation, which is why people get so irritated when you talk to them, why they don’t want to hear about opportunities and plans, and why they seem to run the other way when you talk to them. Likely, they were not thinking of what you can offer them and they were not in the mindset to buy.

Obviously, your rate of success increases when you contact people who are already looking, already prepared for your message, and already to buy what you offer. What more can you ask for? Do your job and give them a reason to contact you.

Let me introduce you to the Renegade University way of contacting people in greater numbers, those who have already been sorted and qualified, and those who are ready for the next step.

Send me an email and tell me you want to talk. Call me or leave me a number to call you. Otherwise, just click on the links I’ve provided above and make the decision to enroll in the Renegade University. They will let me know you have enrolled shortly after and then I will help you get started right away.

My name is Judith Sherman

Phone 903-487-2989

Email is

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Check out my Guestbook!

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Coach Suggests Dale Carnegie

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I just completed a twelve week course with Dale Carnegie. Not only is it worth three college credits, but it adds value to my business goals as well. I highly recommend you take this course when you have the opportunity.

Not one person in our group realized the impact this course would have on them and their profession. We each had different reasons for taking the course, and yet the experience turned out to be much more rewarding than we had expected.

Because I’ve been in Network Marketing for over thirty years, and because I’ve attended all the seminars and read all the books (including “How to Win Friends and Influence People”), I expected to learn very little from the course. All I wanted was to add the Dale Carnegie Training Course to my portfolio for credibility reasons. Instead, what I got was smoothed out rough edges of my character and the skills I already had developed into better communication and more confidence in my ability and expertise.

The Dale Carnegie Training is designed to be personal in application. As a result, personal examination caused a huge change in my thinking and attitude. I now have more confidence in teaching what I know, more understanding of how people think, and how to be more direct in my presentations. With this increased confidence, I am starting up my own Training Center to help people in the following areas:

  • Develop leadership skills and become a more effective leader
  • Become a more persuasive communicator
  • Reduce stress at home and work
  • Improve problem solving skills at work and home
  • Develop techniques to find a job by presenting ones self in a better light
  • I am also putting together workshops to help families communicate better with each other.

I will not anything scheduled at this time, but plan to begin the training in late July or early August. I will keep you informed on when I plan to do a session, the subject of the session, and where. If you would like to schedule a home session for family and friends, contact me by email and we will talk about your needs.

In the meantime, I advise you to start reading the books listed below that are most useful in the Dale Carnegie program. You can get them online or in any bookstore. You can also click on these links and see’s full page of Dale Carnegie books.

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Can You Sell In These Economic Times

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The question “Can I Sell In These Economic Times?” is on the minds of most businesses and Network Marketers. The answer is “YES”! You just need to be more creative and flexible than your competitors or more than you may have been in the past.

Yes, you have to be realistic about the times we live in now. However, people will always find a way to buy and sale things during hard times. It’s just a matter of applying principles that will improve your marketability.

I listed some suggestions below in bullets that you can do to improve your sales in difficult economic times. 

  • As you are a consumer of products and services yourself, what do you look for from a merchant with whom you do business?
    • You want good service when you go to make a purchase.
    • You want good products that you can afford. 
    • You want a pleasant attitude from the service/sales person who helps you.
    • You want to make a purchase with as little hassle as possible.
    • You want discounts and special offers as incentives for doing business with that merchant.
    • You want to know the benefits of buying from one merchant over buying from another.
    • You want to be treated special, which builds loyalty.
    • You want to make the choice to buy and not be pushed into it with a hard sale.
    • You want to know that the merchant is solid and will be in business tomorrow, should you need to return something or require his/her service later. For example, when I sold Avon, I had to earn the trust of my potential buyers. I needed to convince them that I was committed to being there for a long time. They had gone through many Avon distributors in the past who took their orders but never delivered; they had quit the business. Once they saw me come by every campaign with a book and I made a phone call to them three days later for the order, and once they saw that I always delivered what they ordered, the orders began to come in regularly.
    • You want a guarantee that, if something goes wrong with your purchase, the merchant will stand behind the sale.
  • You change your perspective and the way you look at the situation.
    • You have to believe in yourself and try to make a difference in people lives.
    • You cannot be focused on the amount of sales you make, either you do or you don’t make your quota. Pushing a person to buy will not get you what you want in the end. 
    • You can’t be thinking about your bottom line every time you talk to people or they will pick up on it and not buy from you.
    • You need to talk to people on a personal basis, meaning you listen to them and then try to give them what they want and not what you want.
  • You associate with positive people, even if they are not making sales at the moment.
    • This does not mean that you try to compete with them or become frustrated when they make more sales than you.
    • Associate with people who think like you. They will help keep your mind in an “I can do” attitude instead of “I can’t do it”.
    • Stimulate your brain with good works: television programs that nourish your mind, books that leave you with good feelings, and good, postive music that lifts your soul and excites your spirit or that calms you down so you can rest.
  • Learn how to handle stress so you do not become overbearing and demanding with people.
  • Get enough rest AND sleep so your body is able to function properly and think clearly.
  • Keep your life orderly at home and work so disorganization does not put undue stress on you and the business.
  • Keep your body healthy so you function on optimum energy and think clearly and rationally.
    • Establish a regular exercise routine to work off stress and boast your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which gives you a feeling of well-being. Serotonin and dopamine supplements are used to treat depression but the body produces them naturally when you exercise. That’s why you feel good after a work out, even though your body may be  a little sore. 
    • Take good vitamin supplements that promote good health.
    • Educate yourself on eating a balanced diet, on developing a proper exercise routine, and on the correct supplements to take.
    • Take your perscribed medications regularly. Becoming a work-aholic often causes forgetfulness in taking medication. . . that’s not very smart!
  • Let go, let God. This is probably one of the hardest things to do when so much rides on our ability to make sales.
    • We don’t have to carry our burdens alone.
    • Hard economic times is when we need to turn to God the most, but people don’t want to because they have forgotten Him in times of plenty. But He wants you to trust Him, to Depend on Him, to let Him guide your life. Let Him help you carry your burdens.
    • People seem to be embarrassed when they finally accept that they need to let go and let God help them. It’s okay, so what if you are embarrassed. Who should care about it any way, you, the one who needs the help or the business partners?
    • Believe it or not, letting go and letting God is a success principle that you cannot ignore if you want to succeed in life and business.
    • Many, many times I have received answers to my problems because I was tuned in to the spirit of God. His guidance has helped me figure out computer problems, web problems, personal problems, people problems, and problems with how to sell. You can have the same type of assistance, just ask for it.

I conclusion, don’t worry about what you cannot change, influence, or affect. All you can do is your best and then turn the rest over to God. It takes the pressure off from you and the stress that comes with it. I am telling you what I have learned. You can take it or leave it, but there is wisdom in this advice. When you’ve done all you can and you’ve done your best, what is left? You can worry and stress out, you can put pressure on everyone around you, or you can give it up and let God step in. Just remember that I know this is the answer. I know because I’ve taken years to figure it out so I know it works. It’s your choice.

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It’s All About Me!

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Let me share with you a response I made to an email I received yesterday. It was from a man who wanted to help me promote my business on the Internet. I want to be very transparent about this because it is important information you need to know. I learned something about myself last night when I attended Dale Carnegie Training. I saw a side of me that I was not aware of, and because I was not aware of it, I see that I come off as arrogant and abrasive to people. That is not who I want to be or how I want to represent myself.

I share this information with you because I see this same characteristic that I discovered in me in others who are in this field but may not recognize it in themselves. As Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.” So please read my email response to this kind person.  Then I will tell you why I wrote this posting and why I titled it the way I did.

I appreciate your offer but I am part of Marketing Merge and Renegade University. I have applied the principles taught there and doing pretty well. Now I am chosing to take the next step in my career and become a mentor for network marketers.

I am excited about this and what I will be able to do for others with this training. I am writing updates on my blog about what I am learning from my Carnegie experience. I know what I’ve learned will help others like me. Perhaps you will check out my blogs. I will be adding one more article tonight about what I learned this evening.

I have done MLM for over thirty years. I’ve had the best teachers, read all the book suggested on the reading list, listened to every training and positive motivation tape, gone to every seminar and every business meeting, and sat with the most successful people in the field … and I not exaggerating bout any of this. I’ve succeeded and failed, picked myself up and started over again and again, which is the nature of network marketing.   

I know when a business is not within FTC regulations and will be shut down when they get noticed. I know when hype is used to cover up a sinking ship or holes in the plan. I know when someone is only interested in their success after stepping over people to get there. I know a “come-on” or an approach the minute I hear it because I learned them all and used them. I have gathered so much knowledge and experience over the years and so I have been mentoring others; I found out that I am darn good at it. So now that is what I’m doing, along with my Network Marketing business. 

However, I realize there are thousands of mentors on the Internet so what makes me different enough to get clientele? I enrolled in the Dale Carnegie Training. It cost just under $2,000 for the 12 week course. When I complete the course, I will become an instructor for them. Having the Carnegie Course under my belt will make me a better person, a better leader, a better trainer, and a better mentor. This one thing can put me a step above most of those who profess to be mentors on the Internet. and

Now you must be asking why I titled this post “It’s All About Me!”  What I learned at Carnegie is that everything I did up to that point was all about me. For the first time I realized that people saw through me and knew that my objective was centered around me. I did not see how what I contributed might be helpful to others. But I saw that clearly tonight, and that was only the second class. 

The truth is, Dale Carnegie wrote the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by teaching that you get what you want when you help people get what they want. Being sincerely interesting in the other person, listening to them and what they want, and being humble enough to accept that this is not about me. Being humble and sincere was not the way someone would describe me, and I knew that tonight.

People see through the fakes, those only interested in themselves.  I recognized that person was who I had become, even though I thought of myself as being a server. That may have been true in the past, but that is not true now. I am so grateful for what I learned tonight. I now understand a lot more about myself and how I can be a better mentor and serve people better.

I welcome your comments on this topic and if you have recognized this flaw in your own character because of this article.


Judith Sherman

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Where Is Your Courage

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I hope you will read this report I did on having the courage to pursue your dreams. My story may help you find your own courage. I am not so unique in my experiences that I do not relate to your feelings. I know many of you have had the same concerns as I and can benefit from my story.

Anything that is worth pursuing will be a challenge or it would not have value to you or to those you help. Knowing you MUST do it is another matter, and one that I believe I can help you resolve when you watch my videos and read my story.

Thanks for words of wisdom and heart Judith! 

Fear of all these things, I shake my head in disbelief when so called friends of mine put me down for my stepping out, above the common J.O.B. mentality, and strive to succeed on my own, no factory, no boss, no supervisors, in my own way! I’ve come to realize that the path to prosperity is narrow, and those who talk about other people wander off into the dark forest of their mind. The path is hidden from them, therefore they can’t follow, and therefore I continue on with desire, hunger and purpose. I leave lifetime friendships behind, because they no longer support me in my dreams. They become a liability that can only hold me back. 

Prosperous people talk about idea’s, not other people. As I release the old for the new, the vacuume created by eliminating the fear and old relationships is quickly filled by people with new ideas, approaches, and energy.

The fear of loss of love is quickly replaced by light, love, and abundance! I tell you this because part of success and growth is giving up those who will do their best to stop you, for your own good…

Nice to make your acquaintense Judith!

Paul Murphy — Sat, 03/14/2009 – 8:17pm

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What Is A Business Coach

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Small to medium size business owners often use a Business Coach to improve business. Network Marketing businesses need a Business Coach as well. A Business Coach provides guidance, support and positive motivation. An upline functions differently, often inspiring through hype and enthusiasm.

In this complex society, it is easy to get side-tracked on things that have no real importance in business pursuits. A good coach will identify that situation and steer the client back to where he or she needs to be.

It is sometimes difficult to be in business, especially when it is a small business or a Network Marketing home-based business. However, a good coach can be a powerful tool in in this case because he or she understands the client’s vision, dreams, aspirations, and commitment level. 

To sum it up, a good Business Coach helps owners with their sales, marketing strategy, management, team building and more.

I am Judith Sherman, a Network Marketing Coach. With years of experience in the field of MLM and Network Marketing, be assured that you will be in good hands with me. Because of my extensive experience, I possess a very good understanding of success principles. More importantly, I know how to apply them. I know what works and what does not. I have had some business failures, it’s part of being in Network Marketing, so I am familiar with what does not work and what causes failure.

My services are FREE for the first five sessions. After that, we will evalute your future needs and come up with a fee we can both work with. I want to see you succeed in life and business. However, let me assure you that I do not work like most coaches. My focus is on being successful in life and family as well as business.

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