Suggestions for Gathering Leads

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Suggestions For Gathering Leads

Aside from using the benefits of Renegade University in getting leads through Attraction Marketing, what method can be most beneficial in gathering leads?

I am a guide with Renegade University. I value this fantastic program because it has helped me in numerous ways. If you click on the link, you can read my bio about the whole Marketing Merge program. Then, if it interests you, click on the link at the bottom of that page. It will take you to a form where you can visit and enroll in the Renegade University.

Gathering Leads

You can gather leads the “Old Fashion Way” by Cold Contacting people. This means you meet people that you did not know before and start up a conversation with them. You need to go to places where people gather (at the Mall, the park, church, social gatherings, grocery stores, car repair places) and begin a conversation with them. The conversation should cover the F.O.R.M. questions.

F.O.R.M. is talking about their

F family

O occupation/job

R recreation/travel, do they have places they want to go and boats or RV’s they want to buy

M message that you can help them with the concerns and desires they’ve mentioned


People don’t want to be sold but they do want to buy. They will buy what you want them to when you allow them to sell themselves. They will buy your marketing plan or products when they see the value in it for themselves, how it will improve their lives, and how they can do it. In other words, it’s their idea to join your organization or to buy your products or service.

THE NEW WAY, THE SMARTER WAY WILL BE TO ATTRACT PEOPLE THAT WANT WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER. They have already made the decision to look or they would not have found you on the Internet. Your job is to convince them to look at your offer. You do that with a good Contact Page that allows them to get the gist of what you are doing and how they benefit. They will then fill out the form for you to contact them.

Do you see the value in contacting people the second way? People are already looking for you, they already want to buy, and all they need is a reason to contact you and not someone else. Your job is to give them that reason.

The second suggestion is a much better way to contact people. The old way is really nothing short of solicitation, which is why people get so irritated when you talk to them, why they don’t want to hear about opportunities and plans, and why they seem to run the other way when you talk to them. Likely, they were not thinking of what you can offer them and they were not in the mindset to buy.

Obviously, your rate of success increases when you contact people who are already looking, already prepared for your message, and already to buy what you offer. What more can you ask for? Do your job and give them a reason to contact you.

Let me introduce you to the Renegade University way of contacting people in greater numbers, those who have already been sorted and qualified, and those who are ready for the next step.

Send me an email and tell me you want to talk. Call me or leave me a number to call you. Otherwise, just click on the links I’ve provided above and make the decision to enroll in the Renegade University. They will let me know you have enrolled shortly after and then I will help you get started right away.

My name is Judith Sherman

Phone 903-487-2989

Email is


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