Terrance Norton Recommends Judith Sherman

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I feel the great pleasure to introduce to you a woman that I love very much; she is probably the most esteemed woman that I know. I introduce you to my sister Judy. She too is an author and a darn good one.

It is easy for one to think: “Oh yeah, she is his sister.” I don’t write about my other three sisters. I write about my friend, my sister Judy. I feel that she is an amazingly extraordinary woman because of what she stands for. 

I have been in the people business my whole life. I was a Cosmetologist/Barber for twenty years. I have been in the sales industry for many years before then. I am a fifty-six year old man. So not only do I know Judy very well, l also admire her because of her attitude towards life. I waited to do this commentary on Judy because I wanted it to be done at the right time. Well, now it is the right time: The grand opening of the Executive Corner Cafe’.

Let me tell you about my sister Judy. She has been with me through thick and thin. I was ostracised by friends and family because of a terrible cocaine habit that I had for eight years. Judy is one of those kind of people that you don’t like while you’re “deep in your stuff”; but with her infinate love for mankind, she will do and say what she feels is right. It is hard to do what is right all of the time because of various situations we get into that calls for being flexible in how we respond to what is going on at the time. I can say with confidence that Judy has tough skin, and yet she has a wonderfully soft heart with compassion oozing out of her heart towards mankind.

I really get a kick out of her when she’s laughing about some adversity she is going through at the time. For instance, when she and her husband (he is a great guy as well) were relocating to Texas, the water company shut off the water early. Judy didn’t want to make a scene so just let it go. When I was talking to her on the phone, she was laughing about the conditions she was living under: she was walking across the street to BurgerKing for the toilet and washing up, since she had no hot water for a shower. She did that for a week. Another time, when she lived in the mountains and the pump to her well broke, she laughingly said: “You won’t believe what’s happened now. I get to go without water until we get the pump fixed. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Over the years that I have known her (she is older than me), Judy has looked at adversity and laughed about how she deals with it. For sure, Judy knows what peace in the middle of chaos means. She doesn’t just talk it, she lives it. She writes about it because that is her heart, a mentor to help people in times that seem to have no end. So why would she laugh when most of us will go the ways of our character weaknesses? She laughs because she chooses to focus on the postitive and not the negative in these kind of circumstances. I know I will not respond appropriately in situations like she had when the water was turned off early, and many other people will express themselves in ways that are not proper as well. I would be very upset about the mistake that was made, then I would let them know they had made a mistake and let them know how it affected me. Not Judy! She decided not to bother them with it because she would be gone in a week. Now don’t get me wrong, she can hold her own when she feels she must, so you wouldn’t want to mess with her then!

Judy has been my personal friend because we mix so well with each other. She supports me in my efforts and we support each other. I am a writer, so is she. I have given her an honest critique about her writing. She has for me too. To explain what I mean, let me go back to the time when our missions for each other began to unfold. When Judy came out with the first book, I was upset about her using my writing and speaking material in her book. This is an unfair outlook of what happened on my part because I didn’t realize that I did not own the concepts; any succesfful person knows these things because they are success principles. When you have siblings or another significant other that is intermeshing with you, you do not really know what or when it all started. Judy and I have had many spiritual and philosophical conversations. We think so much alike and it is hard to know what thought came from who. Judy calls our discussions “A coming together in minds” because we take a subject and discuss it to a point where we both have a more complete understanding of a concept. We have learned to keep peace between us and to work together as a magical team. We work together on websites, book deals, and various projects that we are pursuing and seem to “tag team” well with each other.

We are the best of friends, but please, I don’t want you to think that I am partial to her because she is my sister. We both are very tough on each other because we support each other in our growth. We will not rip each other off by trying to interfer with a growing experience, we won’t be weak with each other; Judy is not weak or interferring at all. She has a good balance within herself. She will tell it like it is, you can count on it. Yet, through the presence of her love for people, she has the ability do the same for others through her writings; which reveals her character.

I make my claim now, as a somewhat successful man, that I give Judy my endorsement. I know her very well. I also know what she can do with people, and her potential to use all of her gifts of the spirit to positively affect others lives; especially when they listen to her advice and do as she suggests.

Below, you see links for contacting Judy. Julynne Consulting is one of the mediums where she can bless you with her wisdom. The Treasure Box Series is the other venue where she can reach to you through her book series. Please, give yourself the gift of knowledge and wisdom and click onto her websites. You will see how proactive she is in getting the word out to people through the Internet.


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